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January 22, 2024  |  Written by Somach Simmons & Dunn

Sarah Klahn Writes for Colorado Water Trust Blog

In a recent blog titled “Excellent water quality starts with water in the stream,” shareholder Sarah Klahn introduces readers to Dippers, fascinating birds that call Rocky Mountain streams home. Through their story, she unravels the connection between water quality and Colorado’s legal frameworks. This article offers an engaging and down-to-earth perspective on water rights and conservation.

She concludes: “The Dippers in Boulder Canyon are in good shape, given the water quality and flow regime in Boulder Creek below Barker Dam; any resident Dippers in the Cimarron or Crystal watersheds in the vicinity of the Water Trust’s projects are in better shape than they were before the Trust’s projects were initiated. And for other streams in Colorado that may experience extreme low flows (or dry up completely) during certain types of water years, the Water Trust is actively looking for opportunities to partner with senior water right owners and use available tools provided by the prior appropriation system to enhance stream flows and enhance and protect aquatic ecosystems.”

Explore the full story on the Colorado Water Trust Blog.

Sarah has served on the Colorado Water Trust Board of Directors since the fall of 2020.

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