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May 9, 2019  |  Written by Tess Dunham

Dunham for the DAILY JOURNAL: Balancing Farming and Water Quality in the Central Valley

The Daily Journal’s May 1, 2019, edition includes a perspective piece authored by managing shareholder Tess Dunham titled “Balancing farming and water quality in the Central Valley [PDF].” In the article, she describes the history and current state of the region’s problem with nitrate in drinking water and how a consortium of stakeholders are addressing short and long-term solutions.

Absent State Water Board approval for greater Central Valley Water Board flexibility, Central Valley agriculture (and the Central Valley Water Board) will be hard-pressed to find an alternative solution that balances the need for safe drinking water and the continued viability of Central Valley farming. Hopefully this will not be the case.

Tess has advised California Agriculture on complex water quality issues for over 20 years. The views and opinions in this article are those solely of the author and do not represent the views and opinions of the firm or of individual clients. She can be reached at or 916 446 7979.

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